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New Music Edmonton 2020/21 Season – The No Normal

In spite of unprecedented obstacles this year, there is a breathtaking consensus among artists, funders, and Edmonton’s creative community as a whole artistic work is essential and must continue. With this in mind, New Music Edmonton is moving forward with a completely digital season, full of different kinds of events, initiatives, and lots of new work.  Our plans maintain NME’s basic mandate to celebrate what’s new in music, and in sound-based art, while prioritizing our role as contributors to an equitable and accessible arts scene. We’re working with creatives in unprecedented and varied ways, inviting experimentation in both content and delivery, and reimagining our role as a presenter.  In so many ways, the 2020-21 season is the start of a new era for us. What was normal won’t be again, and the only “new normal” is no normal at all.

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