About New Music Edmonton

As respectful residents of this meeting place, amiskwaciy, The Society for New Music in Edmonton is proud to be this region’s premier organization for the promotion and presentation of contemporary music and sound-related arts. NME is committed to the goal of seeking out and bringing to its audiences the widest possible spectrum of musical and sonic art practices.

History of New Music Edmonton

New Music Edmonton was created by a group of local composers at the suggestion of the late composition teacher Violet Archer. They began a new concert series in 1985 under the name The Edmonton Composers’ Concert Society. The ECCS created a forum for their compositions through public performances by committed, professional musicians from the area. Edmonton (and, in fact, Alberta) thus gained its first organization whose primary focus was the professional presentation of new music. Over the decades, New Music Edmonton has built on those original ideas and has evolved into an important partner in the vibrant and eclectic contemporary arts scene in Edmonton.


Now in its fourth decade, New Music Edmonton is dedicated to offering audiences a unique, compelling, and diverse series of events each season. We present artists that are largely chosen from juried, open calls and who represent a stunning array of artistic practices. In recent seasons, NME has featured chamber music, avant-jazz, noise, choral music, sound art and multidisciplinary projects. The region’s rich community of established and emerging artists remain a high priority in our programming and are complemented by visitors who are able to bring exceptional creative expressions to our city.

As partners in the community, New Music Edmonton regularly works in collaboration with other arts and community organizations in developing artistic projects and outreach initiatives. We are especially focused on developing outreach activities which makes new musical experiences available to any members of our community.


New Music Edmonton’s mandate includes a commitment to representing the creative and demographic diversity of our community, and we are proactive in developing programming strategies whose goal is to fulfill this aspect of our mandate. NME strives for equity and actively seeks out both demographic and stylistic diversity.

We recognize that treating all people equally does not guarantee fairness, but can, instead, reinforce extant biases. As such, in contributing to a reliably equitable environment in our own presentations, the arts generally, and society as a whole, we endorse and have adopted policies whose outcomes promote fair distribution of opportunities. The resultant expansion of perspectives and experiences is necessary to the fostering of a vibrant and inclusive arts community, and that benefits us all.

Canadian League of Composers Gender Parity Pledge:

New Music Edmonton pledges to achieve or maintain gender parity in our programming and commissioning by our 2022-23 season. We welcome the opportunity to add our voice to a growing international movement that acknowledges artistic choices must be representative of the gender diversity within the community of creators. NME invites our audiences and the Canadian composition community to hold us accountable and encourage us in reaching our goal.