Belonging With Sound – Listening Session #2 with Rio Houle

Sunday, May 15, 2022 2:30 PM Co*Lab 9641 102A Ave NW, Edmonton Tickets

When was the last time you put on a record and did nothing but listen to it? Rio Houle – sound artist, performer, and student will share some of their favourite music in a relaxed, friendly session. Come and simply enjoy the listening experience, or talk about the music. Each session will include rejuvenating deep listening warm-ups, aimed at getting our ears active, receptive, and ready for sound. For more free listening and participatory events in May and June, visit our Outreach page.

About the artist: Rio Houle is an Indigenous sound artist, performer, and student. “Sound gives me a way to ask questions, and hopefully in searching for an answer to them, come to an understanding in some small way.”

About the event: “I thought of curating this collection around a theme or focus, but the act of searching for music that I could show people offered a joy that I have greatly missed. What I have to present is less of a mix and more of a report of artists, practices, and sounds I found that excited me. Everything forms a coherence of it’s own, so if anything this is a snapshot of who I was and what I was drawn to when compiling this session.”

Content advisory: Possible sensory overload, loud, or sudden sounds. Possible discussion of mental illness, race, gender, class and sexual orientation.

Admission is free, but registration is required. Donations are welcome to help support our programming. Proof of vaccination and masking required. For more information on the venue’s Covid policy and precautions, click here.

Artist photo Rio Houle
Rio Houle. Credit Conrad Sobieraj
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