Guitars & Saws: Sonia Paco-Rocchia / Amy Brandon

May 4, 2019 at 7:30pm Orange Hub, Black Box Theatre (10045 156 St NW) Tickets
Photo for Guitars & Saws: Sonia Paco-Rocchia / Amy Brandon

This inspiring and surprising double bill will be full of saws, guitars, electronics and improvisation, and easily one of the most unusual and inspiring events we have hosted.

Sonia Paco-Rocchia’s work, Scies (the French word for saws) will see one half of the space filled with various saw blades, each amplified and attached to solenoids and activated live by the composer, who describes it as “a comment on the contrast between the rough and dangerous and the meditative and enchanting.”

Amy Brandon, guitarist, will be performing Flesh Projektor, a work for augmented guitar. Augmented guitar, you ask? This is a performance in which a real guitar and a virtual guitar are fused, and both will be played simultaneously in real-time!

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