EarWitness: Augmented Piano

Works by Nicole Lizee, Ann Southam, Alvin Curran, Chiyoko Szlavnics, and Eve Egoyan

November 8, 2018 at 7:30pm Muttart Hall, Alberta College Tickets
Photo for EarWitness: Augmented Piano

Renowned pianist Eve Egoyan returns to Edmonton for an immersive, multi-layered event combining music, film, and electronics. This goes way beyond a mere piano recital. In the first half, works by Alvin Curran, Gordon Monahan and Chiyoko Szlavnics give breathtaking explorations of the inside and outside of the piano, of overtone resonances, and of the addition of beautiful electronic tones. The piano is augmented in three different ways by three great composers.

In the second half, works by Nicole Lizee and Ann Southam bring in visual elements to augment the piano. Lynch Etudes is Lizee’s fantastic tribute to the director, with cut-up piano music and a dazzling, mind-blowing collection of glitched clips from David Lynch films. Finally, Anne Southam’s Simple Lines of Enquiry, written for Eve Egoyan, is combined with artist David Rokeby?s Machine for Taking Time, in which 750,000 images are explored by a computer, which stitches together leisurely continuous pans across the city.

With an incredible combination of music, video and electronics, and with the masterful playing of one of Canada;s greatest pianists, you will not want to miss this astonishing concert!

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