New Music Edmonton Outreach

New Music Edmonton’s outreach team is dedicated to developing programming that provides accessible explorations into new music. In recent years, we have collaborated with community partners like Harcourt House, McLuhan House and the Edmonton Public Library to bring new music workshops with teachers and musicians to our community. Stay tuned for up and coming announcements regarding our outreach events and programming in the digital sphere.

2022-23 Season Outreach

Now Hear This 2023 – River Valley Soundwalk with Steph Patsula

Sunday, June 11, 11 AM. Meet: River Valley, at the foot of the funicular

Following on from their performance the night before, join sound artist Steph Patsula on a magical soundwalk in the amazing River Valley. This is a great chance to be outdoors and to hear what this incredible feature of our landscape sounds like. You’ll be surprised and delighted at how many things there are to listen to! 

Now Hear This 2023 – Peer Support for Marginalized/2SLGBTQ Artists with Cassondra Murray

Wednesday, June 14, 7 PM. Harcourt House, 3rd Floor (10215 – 112 Street NW)

New Music Edmonton is pleased to present this engaging, practical, and highly informative workshop, Cassondra Murray brings to it an experienced voice having worked as both a peer supporter, and as a guide for others. Self-care, boundaries, consent, and honoring the right to self-determination are among the topics to be covered. As we move towards encouraging safe(r) spaces in the arts, this event is highly recommended for anyone involved in the arts: peer supporters, presenters, teachers, or artist-colleagues of marginalized persons. 

Now Hear This 2023 – Vocal X Feral Choir Pop-up, With Cassondra Murray

Thursday, June 15, 7 PM. Harcourt House, 3rd Floor (10215 – 112 Street NW)

Based on philosophies of openness, respect, experimentation, and with a joy that is unique to making sound together with the human voice, come along and be part of the Vocal X experience! This participatory session will include demos, accessible ways to conduct and improvise, and, most importantly, your voice! No experience necessary, just a willingness to enjoy and respect the value and meaning of making vocal sounds together. The workshop will include an amazing explanation and demonstration by Cassondra Murray of Inuit throat singing practices.

Creative Extensions of Classical Persian Music – May 24, 2023 7 PM Harcourt House

In this workshop, Hesam Abedini will introduce you to the repertoire of classical Persian music (Radif). You will learn about the structure of classical Persian music by learning and singing a short song in Persian, for which we will provide you with translations and music during the workshop. This workshop is designed for everyone, regardless of your prior musical experience or interaction with Persian culture and language.

The workshop will conclude with a duo performance by Afarin Nazarijou on Qanun and Hesam Abedini on Vocals. In this performance, Afarin and Hesam will present their polystylistic approach to music-making inspired by Persian music and free improvisation.

Past Outreach Activities:

Spring (Ear) Cleaning – 2022

New Music Edmonton and Harcourt House have some audio therapy for you, just in time for spring! Join us for this series of small gatherings focused on enjoying what music and sound can do for you when you settle down and listen to what your ears are hearing.

Get your ears out, and join New Music Edmonton and Harcourt House for our spring series of workshops, listening sessions, and live music. No experience necessary.

When was the last time you put on a record and did nothing but listen to it? Local artists Parker Thiessen, Lorin Klask, and Rio Houle will share some of their favourite music in relaxed, friendly sessions. Come and simply enjoy the listening experience, or talk about the music. Each session will include rejuvenating deep listening warm-ups, aimed at getting our ears active, receptive, and ready for sound. 

What does our city sound like? Find out when one of our city’s great sound artists, Scott Smallwood, takes participants on a sound walk. Never heard of such a thing? It’s simple – we’ll take a walk along a route Scott has planned, taking the time to really listen closely to things we hear and don’t notice every day. Think we live in nothing but a formless, ambient mess of noise? Think again – you’ll be amazed at how many beautiful, interlocking details emerge when we give them a chance!

Can you float in a warm pool of sound? In this low-pressure session, everyone will work together to create a immersive, sonic “bath” using gongs, drones, singing bowls, voices, and other soundmakers. Everyone will have the opportunity to try different soundmakers and to wander the space, or stay in one place, and swim in the wonders of a unique sound environment. All instruments supplied, or bring your own!

Schedule (subject to change): 

Sunday, May 1, 2022 2:30 p.m. Harcourt House 

Listening Session 1: sound artist, performer and  founder of Pseudo Laboratories Parker Thiessen

Sunday, May 15, 2022, 2:30 p.m. Co*Lab

Listening Session 2: Rio Houle.

Sunday May 22, 2022 2:30 pm Harcourt House

Deep Listening Session and/ or Soundwalk, led by Scott Smallwood

Sunday May 29, 2022 2:30 pm Harcourt House

Sound Immersion. Host TBA.

June TBA: Harcourt House

Listening Session 3: artist and Artistic Director of Quarters Arts Society Lorin Klask


These events are free, but registration is required. Masks are recommended.

Donations are welcome to help support our programming.


Harcourt House: Wheelchair access from the building’s underpass via the basement art studios can be arranged with Harcourt’s staff at tel. 780-426-4180. Gender single stall washrooms with handrails. Seating in the art galleries to be arranged with Harcourt’s staff upon request.