August 2023 – Call for Board Members!

Volunteer with New Music Edmonton and make a difference in the local new music community! Currently, we are seeking nominations to our Board of Directors.

The Society for New Music in Edmonton (New Music Edmonton) is calling for nominations to the New Music Edmonton Board of Directors. You can nominate yourself or another individual by September 5, 2023.

New Music Edmonton is governed by a volunteer board of directors who guide the operations of the Society. We are particularly looking for candidates with interest or experience in Fundraising, Finance, Public Relations, and Governance to help NME:

Board duties and activities:

  • Make decisions on behalf of NME
  • See that the organization adheres to its mission
  • Establish clear terms of reference for committees and working groups
  • Approve annual budgets and track the financial situation throughout the year
  • Recruit/dismiss staff
  • Recruit new board members

Individual board members are expected to:

  • Participate with the best interests of the organization and community in mind.  Conflicts of interest must be identified.
  • Make every attempt to attend all board meetings, and to send notice if unable to attend
  • Act as ambassadors of the organization
  • Treat all information, whether shared at meetings or by any other means, as confidential
  • Sit on at least one committee
  • Adhere to NME’s Fostering Positive Spaces guidelines

New Music Edmonton’s mandate includes a commitment to reflecting our community’s creative and demographic diversity and our goal is to reflect that diversity in our programming and organization. We embrace policies which highlight openness and fairness, creating an inclusive environment for all individuals in the celebration of their art. We recognize that treating all people equally does not guarantee fairness, but can, instead, reinforce extant biases. As such, in contributing to a reliably equitable environment in our own presentations, the arts generally, and society as a whole, we endorse and have adopted policies whose outcomes promote fair distribution of opportunities.


  • Nominees must be members of NME in order to serve on The Board and may join either before or after their nomination.
  • You may nominate yourself or any other individual. If nominating another person, be certain that you have secured agreement from that person prior to submitting the nomination.
  • Term of service is two years from this Fall 2023 election to the next election or AGM in Fall 2025.
  • The Board will have from six to ten members
  • Board members are nominated and elected generally and will form themselves into an Executive and Directors. Therefore, members are not nominated for specific positions; rather, nominations are only general.
  • Board Members are expected to be able to attend meetings and to serve on committees* and in various volunteer capacities.
  • Nominees are encouraged to submit a brief biography and a statement of intent for their Board service by September 5, 2023.

Please consult your nominees and discuss with them their availability and enthusiasm for the Society. And thank you for considering your Society’s need for good service and leadership for the next two years.

Please Note:

In accordance with our Bylaws, a vote of the Membership should be as inclusive as possible. If there are more candidates than board positions, we will be holding an online ballot, which will give you the opportunity to vote for the candidate(s) of your choice and to have the results determined prior to the AGM on September 24, 2023.

*Board members sit on at least one committee. New Music Edmonton’s committees are:

Finance, Administration, and Grants Committee:

Supervises all aspects of the Society’s administration including but not limited to: preparing grant applications; assisting in maintaining accurate Society records; maintaining policies and procedures of the Society; preparing contracts for paid employees; and such other duties as are determined by the Board.


Plans and conducts fundraising initiatives for the Society including but not limited to: identifying potential donors and sponsorships; planning fundraising activities; creating partnerships that can result in cost saving measures; and such other duties as are determined by the Board.

Publicity Committee:

Oversees and implements publicity for the Society including but not limited to: planning and promotion of individual events; maintaining the website; supporting outreach initiatives; preparing communication materials for distributions; and such other duties as are determined by the Board.

Outreach Committee:

Generates and executes outreach activities for the Society including but not limited to: planning events and activities to generate Society awareness; increasing the greater community access to Society events and programming; identifying ways to collaborate and include marginalized populations in programming and events; and such other duties as are determined by the Board.

The nominations and supporting documents deadline is September 5. 2023. Please send materials to our General Manager, Chenoa Anderson: nmegeneralmanagerATgmailDOTcom

If there are more candidates than board positions, electronic voting will begin the week of September 11 and will be completed by September 15, 2023.

Please note that you must have a current NME membership to sit on the board and to vote in board elections.

New Music Edmonton Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteer with New Music Edmonton and make a difference in the local new music community! Consider joining a committee as a community member, volunteer at a show or at a casino night. Contact us for more information!